Heesu Shin — ing

A product designer with shin-ing eyes of curiosity,
plus critical thinking and flexible mindset.

Specialising in Finance to rethink complexity working with cross-functional teams at Societe Generale CIB, based in London, UK.

Rethinking complexity

at Societe Generale CIB (2017 - Now) Image


Designing digital financial products for the entire product development process, from problem solving through to detailed UI design under Design System

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Bridging the gulf

at my side projects and my own company

between pysical and digital experience or user and business needs, etc.



Connecting person to person

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Interconnecting product design with digital interaction

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Has been interested in observing others in detail with shin-ing eyes of curiosity from young. Liked to listen to others and communicate with them! As looked back, this interest might have led me to UX design world.

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What are you curious about? Before talking to me in person or online, here are some sneak peeks for you!

I am good at understanding the bigger picture more than just features in UI level, with strategic approach in platform level. Also, convincing business is one of my soft skills. I recently did UX convergence study myself which had led multiple business teams to agree on its strategy and users to know when to use which services. Want to hear details? Let’s have a coffee chat!

UX research in business context — I have applied UX research methods into business context and created many best practices. Especially, I like to analyse user feedback and extract insights converting into design.

Love car design 🚗 so that I can chat all day with car lovers. Also, learning new languages and cultures is big part of my life! (Recently into Italy 🇮🇹)

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Always welcome to discuss further on my work, design in general, or just coffee!

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